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Eurydice 2 of 2

Much belated: the rest of the Eurydice photos.

My fading column (done with light green chalk)

With the book Orpheus lowers into the underworld for Eurydice

Finished elevator (overworld)


Finished floor treatment (underworld light)

Overworld light

Eurydice's death

"For Orpheus' Next Wife": a list

Plexiglass slats in The Nasty Interesting Man's platform, aerial view

In the dark

With Orpheus. "Tonight, when I go to bed, I will turn off the light and put a straw in my mouth. When I fall asleep, I will crawl through the straw and my breath will push me like a great wind into the darkness and I will sing your name and I will arrive. I have consulted the almanacs, the footstools, and the architects, and everyone agrees. Wait for me."

I am very happy, in the lightened contented way. Living with Jordan is quietly wonderful. Living with eccentric musicians has many perks.
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