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The Cunt Corner

An entry mainly for my parents, but here's an overly detailed photoblog of my house, the Cunt Corner. Home of:
Nellie (Mama Cunt)
Liz (Mystery Cunt)
Anna (Gypsy Cunt)
Me (Trouble Cunt)
Lauren (Double Trouble Cunt)
[with honorary members: Jack (Boy Cunt/Trash Dick), Willi (Man Cunt), Crisanda (Too Far Cunt), Sam (Iwanna Cunt), and Marina (Fresh Cunt)]

My side of the room with Anna in my full-size bed. My bed is my main furniture item. I selected it over a desk. I kind of use the dresser at the foot of my bed for a desk, but it's a bit small. Bed is the most important place in college, though.

Lauren's desk area with Stan in it.

Lauren's lofted twin-size sans sheets because she's still afraid of the lice that we killed.

The upstairs bathroom that 3 of the girls share.

View from making your way up the stairs. Liz's room is the left (it's a single), Anna and Nellie's in the middle (still a single, but CAN fit two beds), and mine and Lauren's on the right (STILL a single, but we have the most room).

View from the front door into our hallway into the dining room into the kitchen.

Our family room.

Our boys.

The dominating entertainment center. Lauren owns every single piece of furniture in this room, including the 2 couches.

View into our study, the shit room. Currently crammed with lice-free, cleaned fabrics. ALL our fabrics.

View of the family room from the study. My scenic painting of wood grain is nailed up.

My favorite part, the painting Lauren dumpster-rescued and we hung parallel to the stairs.

Dining room, used for family dinners and piling our junk on top of.

Yes, the dining room has a bathroom attached. It's Nellie's and mine.

And it's so small.

Eeeeee. My butt hits the wall when I bend over.

View from dining room into kitchen.

Housemates painted it red before I got there. I love the color. Our food does NOT all fit in this fridge.

Stove named Betsy.

Lauren's scenic art final (imitation of another's work) hanging in the kitchen.

Expenses board from our last trip to Walmart:

Look at our recycling!! We have to call the recycling people every week like 5 times to get them to pick it up, our 6 bins. Because NO ONE. ELSE. ON OUR STREET. RECYCLES. HOW INSANE IS THAT!!??

Door to basement.

View into moldy basement.

A few random pictures from my happy year so far:

Rosh Hashanah family dinner & ceremony!

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