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Eurydice 1 of 2

EURYDICE!!!! God, the show was amazing. Put in 30+ hours of painting; totally worth it. Gorgeous. All the design elements were so in congress. A very unified show. BLUH I cried so much in watching it.

(OH and all the letters embedded in the set [some are in the paint on the walls] and ACTUAL lost love letters from the cast and crew! I wrote you one, Jordan. About how I lose and forget you when I go, but I'll always venture into the underworld to find you.)

"Let our lives be full of music!" is Orpheus' proposal to Eurydice. They are a little too young and are a little too in love, according to the stage directions.

Into the Underworld! Hades elevator.

"I know his name starts with a sound like a ball of twine in my mouth. ....Ohhhhh...OHHhrr...."

WE ARE A CHORUS OF STONNNNES. "Try talking in the language of the stones. It's a very QUIET language. As if the pores on your FACE were to open up and TALK."

String room in the underworld

Wall texture

Stones makeup

The Nasty Interesting Man (Hades/Satan) - he grows downward like a turnip.

Orpheus has forgotten

And these are WITHOUT the final touches I did the day before (a fading greek column, extra floor texture, trim around the elevator, mosaic on the erosion cloth to match the stones' makeup). BLAM! More of these to come because WHAAAAAAAAAA.
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